Airbrush Foundation & Cheap Electric Spray Gun Paint Job. (Decent Results)

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A smaller bottle luminess airbrush makeup, it comes with the tool airbrush compressor.To remove the nozzle for cleaning.You also get. A couple of adapters took up to an air hose.And you also get.This standard, a small little sound. This kit, you can usually find it under twenty dollars normally at harbor freight or you can find it much cheaper through the website.When you buy this kit, you only get the air brush.And.The bottle and you pretty much get everything they see pictures, let’s say no air hose, no anything else.Now.In the same aisle. You will find braided line with adapters for this a brush.Now with the air hose, you get.A couple adapters, you still need to supply another adapter or a quick.Fitting so you can hook it up to your air compressor.As you see I’ve done here.So this is about ten feet of line.I’m gonna show you real quick, how to hook up this hose too.The air brush.Soon you get there.Air brush, can’t you gonna.Get these adapters and come with it, you’re gonna take everything off.And just leave the.Threaded part there.Now, when you get your graded line, you just take off all your adapters and your hands are gonna look just like this, well, these have an o ring on the inside, so there’s no need for teflon tape so you just.Connect this song tan anything up. That’s it, no on the other end you’re gonna get something.Just like the other side, just like that, now you will get this adapter with it, and this is to hook it up to your quarter inch.Line so.Again, this has an o ring on it just attach it as so.And you will have to attach this to your.Compressor or a quick disconnect fitting.To attach it to your air hose.Now the type of paint gonna be using today is gonna be.A water based acrylic pink.And you can find this stuff at your local Walmart, this paints from full guard. Both of them are so you can see one’s outdoor.The other one doesn’t state anything so I guess it’s.Just for our indoor or something so.You wanna be using the.Pure gold outdoor stuff today honor emblem that I have right there now my work has already been prepped and cleaned.So I’m gonna put the paint inside the bottle mix mix it all up. Get to painting.Try out this harbor free air brush kit.Now with the paint since it’s a water based paint.You will have to mix water with it, no need for oil or anything like that or acetone. SO.For the sake of making a shorter video, I’m not gonna get into the mixing of.The paint in the water and the ratios and this and that but.If you want to know all that you can request a video.So I’m gonna get to painting, this piece of emblem I got here and we’ll see how it comes out. Yeah.Yeah.Yeah.Yeah.Yeah.Yeah. For you.Yeah.Yeah.Yeah.Alright, so I air brush, these too.The symbols here, then I can cut out with a plasma cutter.The gold one.There’s actually two colors it’s a pure gold with an antique gold on top of it, now I have to.Water down pretty much these because they’re too thick to go through the air brush so as long as you add water and the paint and as long as it is a water based paint and you should have no problem mixing water in there and getting it to the.Right thickness that you need to. Spray through the air brush so the air brush is pretty nice, it’s not bad for her.1799, what I paid for it, but what I am going to do is I’m gonna leave it soaking in a cup because that metallic stuff was pretty thick and I’m afraid it will dry inside so I’m just gonna keep it soaking in here for a couple days, same thing with the.Bottle I can actually see a whole bunch of metallics just coming off of it right now, so I wouldn’t recommend using any other cleaner unless you’re gonna use like a lacquer, then you could use paint thinner, but also you have to beware because the pickup tube that goes on top of the.Bottle here has.Plastic seal and.The hoses think rubber.You can buy some of this stuff a year.Local hardware store, they sell a whole bunch of it, but since I’m gonna be using this air brush too much, just. Pretty much air brush, some of my plasma could art I’ll try to keep this as clean as I can so but as you can see there is a seal in there and.If you do use a lacquer paint.And you use thinner, it will eat through that hose and through the ceiling there.So also the spray gun air brush gun has a little law.Yeah it actually has a little ol drink in here.And if you use thinner, be careful with that because it will melt it, so I mean if you leave it soaking in the water.Everything tends to just come off soaks up pretty nice.Everything just.Drips off.But again this is water based paint, so if you’re working on water based paints, that’s no problem, you’re fine what I paid for this.What I could have paid for something like down at hobby Lobby.I saved a lot of money, now the hobby Lobby ones that I saw they are pretty nice, they actually come with more accessories and everything, so it is worth what they’re worth what they cost in the stores they’re a little over a hundred books.But this is pretty much just a hair brush kit alone now remember if you’re at harbour front and you’re gonna buy one of these air brush kids make sure you buy the.Braided line and your your little adapters and everything that you need because you will get home and you’ll open up your brush kit and learn that there isn’t no hose included with it, air brushes 1799 last time I checked zay haven’t really been having.To many in storage cells, not the beginning of the year the braided line is eight ninety nine so for under thirty bucks, you can get you a nice layer brush kit.And you can start brushing now.The symbols are in the back are not fully yet there’s two of them.Ones just on top of the other but it’s not gonna be like that. This actually gonna go on my computer.This other one’s gonna go on my engine so.All in all it’s a it’s a good price, next thing I’m gonna pry air brushes, my welding hat, which is pretty much. All black, no stickers, no anything.It looks kind of dull but.I mean, not that I need a pretty welding hat or anything precious park slow.Get to the paint after a while but I’m gonna just for the hell of it, try air brushing the whole hat and see how it comes out.But again if you need paints just check out your local Walmart and they’ll have it in the crafts, arts and crafts section.You can use this air brush too.Color like little basil ‘s.And little shrine covers for cellphones you good color laptop desktop.There’s just a whole bunch of possibilities a Yoga.Use that air brush.SO.That’s it for this video end.

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