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So three air brushes are going to be showing you today is Anna wada H P C S eclipse airbrush tattoo, that is the brush that I started with and I still use today and have a throw over twenty years iwata airbrush.Most of your air brush artists out there will refer to it as their workhorse, the Iowa eclipse takes a.Point three five millimeter needle so you can get really fine detail with it, you know not as fine as a micron but you’re gonna get fine detail with it all the way up to a nice broad spray, so that’s why they call it a workhorse, um the next one is that I just purchased a couple years ago is the eye wada high line HP C H M that one there has a Mac a valve on it, and I’ll be showing you that when we go to break the brushes down um, which allows you to adjust the air at the front of the gun, um, it looks like a micron but it’s not a micron OK, it’s kind of middle of the road. And then a minute purchase was an infinity by harder and steinbeck this one has a point one five millimeter a needle which I got for doing some very fine detail, um I didn’t want to spend the expense for a micron so, um I decided after doing some research on this and if stick around to the end you’re going to give you a very interesting fact that I bet you didn’t know about this air brush I did forget to mention that this air brushes comparable in needle size to the eclipse, it’s just slightly slightly thinner with a point three needle and one last thing as you can see the more money you spend the better box you’ll get now I wouldn’t hold too much into the box because of the fact I’ve never put my hairbrush is back in the box once they’re out they stay in my stand, the only time I think you ‘ll ever need your box again is if you’re going to package it up when you go to sell it.The harder steinbeck does come with a nice box, okay, the high line comes with a little bit better of a box then.The eclipse again the more money you spend the nicer box, you get I almost can guarantee you if this is something you have a passion for it you’re gonna be doing for a long time, you’re not putting your brushes back in your box unless you’re going to be traveling with them, if that is a factor, a or something going to be doing and it may be a factor with that.Let’s break them down, all right we’re gonna do is we’re going to quickly break down all three of these guns, so the inner workings of them and explain some of the features so we’re going to start with the eclipse and eclipse comes equipped with a wrench you’re going to see that two of these guns have tooling with the more need tools to take them apart and put it back together where a the infinity doesn’t but the eclipse comes with your wrench OK the important part of any nozzle on an air brushes that you don’t over, tighten it.They just need to be snug tight, what I mean by snug tite is a little past, what your finger pressure can do okay, um, they all come with a needle cap, any air brush from cheap to expensive should come with a needle cap and then your nozzle cap.One of the features actually do like after seeing a whole bunch of different guns um the eclipse I really do like their nozzle is a compression fitted nozzle, a what I mean by that is.If you can see it is a brass or copper I think it’s brass nozzle, and it has a tapered.A compression fitting to it, so that tapered part of that nozzle goes into a tapered hole and when you press down on it, um, it’s just like a compression pipe fitting basically seals it up now with these nozzles, they do wear out from taking them in and out and I’ll get little bits, you know grooves and that’s where you can develop an air league, that’s where you should always keep one of these on hand they do last quite a long time though alright so I do really like that nozzle and the other part of it as you’ll see in the next one that this nozzle is you know a decent size and has a decent hole in it to me it’s a lot easier to clean, it does have a nice large color cup on it. Okay, the clip does a the trigger mechanism is pretty standard, but it is very smooth and works nicely just like every gun it has a back to it and a locking nut.I always push my needles through this way, it’s just a habit, it’s a just a habit I use, um in my cleaning method, which I have a video about cleaning air brushes, you might wanna go check that one out, um have a pretty unique way of doing it, so that’s as easy as you know, um, it’s quick and easy as it takes to break in your brush down they go back together just as quick.Okay, the next one same thing, needle cat am.With this one here.I was slightly different.Smaller cap.Or novel cap, then the eclipse because it also has a very small.Nozzle.Okay, and you’ll see that when I take this off you can see the difference in the ranches, okay.Eclipse wrench.And HP C H wrench.The high line.This one here, you really gotta be careful when you’re tightening it.Haha.I can’t even hold this between my fingers, you might not see it.Okay, that’s how small that nozzle is very small, micron does the same thing, okay.AH.Not as easy to clean, but not a lot of paint, obviously you can see you can get in there but I just run a little thinner through it, but um so anyway very very small nozzle, very delicate threads on it back comes off the same way locking Knot needle comes through.Yeah.Disassembled.Now the infinity what I really like about these guns a couple different features on it, it’s tula ‘s, I just pulled off the needle cap and what’s really cool about this needle cap that I like is that I don’t spray with it on but if you did want to spray with it on you could because.I don’t like these little forks out there where you can get your fingers in on that needle to clean a needle for your tip, try, or you can get a little paintbrush in there with some thinner on it, no problem whereas the other needle caps are not constructed like that.And they completely surround the needle so you’re never gonna get your finger in there your fingers are near to clean off your needle with that cap, so the cap style on on this infinity is a really cool design, um.Another cool design about this brush, the other brushes don’t have I don’t know of any other ones do a this is a two in one brush, this brush can be shifted out or or to put a point for needle nozzle combination into it, um and holds a bigger color cup, um, as I said before this needle combination is a point one five needles so very fine needles, so it comes with a smaller cup.Um I opted just to get the elbow straight up like that and not get the 4.4 needle combination, so anyway, that is a really cool feature, it makes the gun a lot easier to clean, it makes the cup really easy to clean the next thing would be the needle or nozzle cap again isn’t screwed with the fingers.That’s a really awesome feature I love this that I don’t need to have a tool to take this air brush apart as you can see the nozzle is a nice sized nozzle.A nice sized hole in it where I can feel I can clean that out really good, it’s not really really tiny.So again I think that’s a nice feature, so anyway the back comes off just all on the same.Now you can adjust the other thing too, here is you can adjust with this adjustment right here is a little a little steel dowel, basically a tool that goes in there that you can turn this and adjust the stiffness of your trigger poll.Okay I never personally adjusted it I like the way it was adjusted from the factory I think it’s probably the best way to go unless you like a little bit, you know more resistance or something like that, but it is adjustable there, so same way needle through the front.Okay, now as I reassemble these I’m going to give you just some little quick things about what the difference is in the air brushes are.So reassemble.I put the needle about half way lock, the nut because I don’t want the needle sticking out here because I don’t want anything to be able to bend or touch the needle until I get the you know the inner workings of the front on your nozzle, the nozzle cap, everything else this brush goes back together very easily, the nozzle fits inside the nozzle cap.It screws on.You just hand, tighten it or finger, tighten it once you have that on you put your needle cap on keeps everything protected then you slide your needle in. Hey, what’s cool about this air brush.Is a feature, it has a lot of your upper and air brushes have it now that I don’t particularly use but it’s there I’m sure some people use it but.Hardened steinbeck did a really nice job with this, um I think compared to other air brushes.And it is the trigger stop okay there trigger stop on s is a push button, trigger stop, you push the button.It has numbers.Okay on the dial.That you can adjust how far back this trigger will go.Okay.Right, and you want to stop off, you just pull it out, okay so that is a really nice feature that they put on this brush, um, it is, there is a feature or the feature also exists. Actually, I’ll put this up here.On the hpc h the high line also goes back just as easy as it came apart halfway through with the needle snug down on your nut don’t make it go all the way through, um you what I suggest with this is because of the size of this.Nozzle that you put this back on over a table always work over a table with it because if you drop it on the floor C I just dropped it, you gotta get those threads started, it takes a little bit to get used to those threads are very delicate, you don’t want to cross thread them.So once you get that started I just run it down with my fingers now here’s the key to this.You want to just snug it up, I mean just snug it up so once you get that wrench on there you feel resistance. Just a little tap OK, you don’t wanna go too far with it.So once you get the front of that gun all protected up.Now you can push your needle through put your back on. So, in addition to having the Mac valve on this particular gun, this also has a needle stop its not as nice in my opinion as the harder and steinbeck, but it does work, um what it is, is just doesn’t give you any numbers or dial, but basically if you push down on the trigger and you pulled all the way back you’ll watch the you’ll watch stop push it forward.Time stops pushing it forward.Okay.So you can just adjust it to where you want a the only thing with that is you don’t have numbers to you know after you unset it. You don’t have numbers to go back to say okay I was at two and a half so you’re going to have to go a little trial and error again to get to where you want it to go but it does offer a stop the hpc h.Big nozzle, no problem.You see how quick these things go back together, I mean that’s the one I hear people don’t clean their air brushes because it’s too much trouble, protect your investment so again you snag it up with your fingers, just a little bit of a turn, not much, it’s compression fitting so.Just snug it down. Okay.So just to recap you got three different air brushes with three different price points, okay d clips at about one thirty to one fifty.The high line hpc h at about two thirty and the infinity hard earned steinbeck at about. Two sixty five to 75 depending on the package, you get with it, um, so all three air brushes great air brushes, if I was going to have a sole heir brush only one air brush, it probably in my box just like when I started would be the eclipse and or the high line a just because I can get fine too, you know a lot broader lines now.If you’re going to choose the infinity I would get the two and one where it comes with a larger cup that you can change out and the point for needle I just don’t want to be bothered with switching back and forth I bought the gun because I wanted it solely for fine lines, so like I said if you’re gonna go with this gun I would opt to get the two and one um, this real quick real quick, the differences in the guns just to recap no frills on this gun on eclipse, it does have a nice large color cup.Okay, um, it has the point three five millimeter needle, um, there is no trigger stop on it and there’s no Mac valve, but does a great job, the high line eyes similar in needle size to the eclipse with a point three millimeter needle versus the point three five but it does have the Mac valve and it does have a trigger stop on it.Um the color cup is the same size, nice large color cup as the eclipse. And then the infinity has doesn’t have the Mac valve, but it does have a feature that the other two don’t have as we saw before the color cup comes off and that’s where you can put the bigger color cup on that’s a really cool feature, and it does have probably the nicest trigger stuff that I’ve ever seen, if you didn’t want to use them where it’s just push and pull and has you know nice numbers here on your dial so you could always remember whole you know if you did happen to move it you want to go back, you knew you were a two two and a half you could just dial it right back in to get that same size line that you were spraying before, um, the trigger control on it is different than the wadas I actually really do like this trigger control very very smooth trigger control.Um, and it is adjustable I have never adjusted yet, but there is three holes to adjust it, um for for certain things I probably once its set where its at you probably won’t adjust it but it is there just in case you want a one of the things I did promise you that I was going to tell you something about this air brush that you probably don’t know, and that is that in 2017 a nest a water bought harder in Slam back again a wada is a Japanese a Japan based company and.The hardened steinbeck is a German based company hardened steinbeck was in business for since I think it was like 1923.Two engineers got together and developed his air brush, um in 2017 as I said I want to purchase them, bought them out.

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